Airbnb explained: “‘As said previously, this is not unusual or unique. It’s routine activity that happens around the world.’

Airbnb said: ‘We routinely carry out initiatives for quality purposes.’

Its answer was insufficient for William, who owns a townhouse built in 1730 in Soho, in London’s West End.

He has been renting out a flat at the top of the house through Airbnb since 2013 – until he was told two weeks ago that the property would be delisted.

‘We found it a bit insulting,’ William said. ‘We really try to arrange the flat to give people a good experience. We provide fresh flowers and breakfast for guests. We take a lot of trouble and we’ve had uniformly positive reviews over three years.’

He received an email from Airbnb on 27 January that said:

‘Unfortunately, our systems have shown that the listing mentioned below is not delivering the kind of local hospitality experience guests are looking for.

In line with our Terms of Service, ‘2-bed Flat in Historic Soho House and 1-bed flat in 1730s Soho house’ will be removed from our platform on 9 February 2016.

Please understand that this determination was not made due to a single attribute, but an overall combination of various criteria.’”

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My two cents:  Wow, it didn’t seem from this reporting that the two Hosts were doing an obviously bad job.  Perhaps there’s more that wasn’t reported.  Still, the explanation from Airbnb seems rather vague.  To my knowledge, there’s no appeal process against this kind of action. As more and more people have come to rely on their listing as an important part of their income, I can understand William’s dissatisfaction.  I wonder if there are any SF Hosts who have experienced something similar?