“So, the team redefined the interview process to make it more gender-blind by removing the names of people on projects, as well as making it more welcoming to women by ensuring women were in the room during in-person presentations.

‘On site, typically in the past, because the team was predominantly male, a woman would come in to present in front of a panel of men,’ Newman said. ‘That can be a really intimidating environment.’

The data science team also started a series of talks called ‘Small Talks, Big Data’ to inspire women outside of Airbnb to apply for data science jobs. That’s because they noticed that there weren’t as many women in data meetups as there were women in tech meetups.

Companywide, Airbnb is 46.3 percent female, 63 percent white, 7.1 percent Latino/a and 2.9 percent black in the U.S.”

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My two cents:  Kudos to Airbnb.  Smart diversity-enhancing hiring practices.